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Geomorfología - general

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Geomorfología - general

Hema Achyuthan (1996): Geomorphic evolution and genesis of laterites around the east coast of Madras, Tamil Nadu, India   . - Geomorphology; Volume 16,  Issues 1 Elsevier; Pages 71-76
[Geomorphology - índex]

Victor R. Baker (2001): Extraterrestrial geomorphology: an introduction  . - Geomorphology; Volume 37,  Issues 3-4 Elsevier; Pages 175-178
[Geomorphology - índex]

Victor R. Baker (1994): Geomorphological understanding of floods   . - Geomorphology; Volume 10,  Issues 1-4 Elsevier; Pages 139-156
[Geomorphology - índex]

VICTOR R. BAKER (1988): Geological fluvial geomorphology. - Geological Society of America Bulletin, Volume 100, Number 8, pages 1157–1167
[GSA Bulletin - índex]

Michael P. Bishop, John F. Shroder, Jr. and Jeffrey D. Colby (2003): Remote sensing and geomorphometry for studying relief production in high mountains  . - Geomorphology; Volume 55, Issues 1-4 Elsevier; Pages 345-361
[Geomorphology - índex]

Thomas Bissig, Alan H. Clark, James K. W. Lee,  and C. Jay Hodgson (2002) Miocene Landscape Evolution and Geomorphologic Controls on Epithermal Processes in the El Indio-Pascua Au-Ag-Cu Belt, Chile and Argentina . - ECONOMIC GEOLOGY; Volume 97; 2002 Number 5; pp. 971-996
[Economic Geology: Listado de los tomos]   

BÖRGEL, R. (1993):  Vulnerabilidad y peligro de desastres en la cordillera chilena (Chile central).-   Revista Geográfica de Chile Terra Australis 20 45-54  
Chile, central, andes, metropolitana riesgo geológico riesgos geológicos, geomorfología, aluviones actual

Denis Brunsden (1999): Some geomorphological considerations for the future development of landslide models   . - Geomorphology; Volume 30,  Issues 1-2 Elsevier; Pages 13-24
[Geomorphology - índex]

David R. Butle and Stephen J. Walsh (1998): The application of remote sensing and geographic information systems in the study of geomorphology: An introduction   . - Geomorphology; Volume 21,  Issues 3-4 Elsevier; Pages 179-181
[Geomorphology - índex]

Nathalie A. Cabrol and Edmond A. Grin (2001): Composition of the drainage network on early Mars  . - Geomorphology; Volume 37,  Issues 3-4 Elsevier; Pages 269-287
[Geomorphology - índex]

CASTRO, C. & BRIGNARDELLO, L. (1997):  Geomorfología aplicada a la ordenación territorial de la franja costera entre Concon y Quintay (32º55´- 33º 15`S)   Revista Geográfica de Chile Norte Grande 24 113-125.
Chile, central, Concón, Quintay geomorfología geomorfología, ordenación territorial

CLARK, A.H., COOKE, H., MORTIMER, C., & SILLITOE, R. (1967): Relationships between supergene mineral alteration and geomorphology Southern Atacama desert, Chile. -Inst. Min. & Met. Transact 76.-Bull, Vol.. 726: pág. B89-B96; London.

M. Coltorti and C. D. Ollier (2000): Geomorphic and tectonic evolution of the Ecuadorian Andes  . - Geomorphology; Volume 32,  Issues 1-2 Elsevier; Pages 1-19
[Geomorphology - índex]

A. Czirók, E. Somfai, T. Vicsek (1997): Fractal scaling and power-law landslide distribution in a micromodel of geomorphological evolution. - Geologische Rundschau (International Journal of Earth Sciences); Vol. 86;  No. 3; pp. 525 - 530
[Geologische Rundschau / International Journal of Earth Sciences: Listado de volúmenes]

J. Michael Daniels (2003): Floodplain aggradation and pedogenesis in a semiarid environment  . - Geomorphology; Volume 56, Issues 3-4 ElsevierPages 225-242
[Geomorphology - índex]

Nicholas Eyles, Emmanuelle Arnaud, Adrian E. Scheidegger and Carolyn H. Eyles (1997): Bedrock jointing and geomorphology in southwestern Ontario, Canada: an example of tectonic predesign   . - Geomorphology; Volume 19,  Issues 1-2 Elsevier; Pages 17-34
[Geomorphology - índex]

Gwenaëlle Félix and Nathalie Thomas (2004): Relation between dry granular flow regimes and morphology of deposits: formation of levées in pyroclastic deposits  . - Earth and Planetary Science Letters; Volume 221, Issue 1-4, Pages 197-213
[Earth and Planetary Science Letters: Índex]

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GARLEFF, K., STINGL, H. & VEIT, H (1993):  New dates on the Late quaternary history of landscape and climate in the Bolsón of Fiambalá / NW Argentina (Province Catamarca).-   Zbl. Geol. Palaeont. / Teil 1 H. 1/2 333-341 2 figs. Schweizerbart`sche Verlagsbuchhandlung.
Andes, Argentina Clima paleoclima, geomorfología, cuaternario

John R. Giardino and Richard A. Marston (1999): Engineering geomorphology: an overview of changing the face of earth  . - Geomorphology; Volume 31,  Issues 1-4 Elsevier; Pages 1-11
[Geomorphology - índex]

Gérard Hérail, Michel Fornari and Michel Rouhier (1989): Geomorphological control of gold distribution and gold particle evolution in glacial and fluvioglacial placers of the Ancocala-Ananea basin - Southeastern Andes of Peru   . - Geomorphology; Volume 2,  Issues 4 Elsevier; Pages 369-383
[Geomorphology - índex]

R. Craig Kochel and Jerry R. Miller (1997): Geomorphic responses to short-term climatic change: an introduction   . - Geomorphology; Volume 19,  Issues 3-4 Elsevier;  Pages 171-173
[Geomorphology - índex]

Peter Martini, Michael E. Brookfield, and Steven Sadura (2001): Principles of Glacial Geomorphology and Geology: , Prentice Hall, NJ, 2001. Hardback, x and 381 pp., 278 figures (black-and-white photographs and diagrams), 12 tables; ISBN 0-13-526518-5 Book review

Joseph A. Mason, Edward A. Nater, C. William Zanner and James C. Bell (1999): A new model of topographic effects on the distribution of loess   . - Geomorphology; Volume 28,  Issues 3-4 Elsevier; Pages 223-236
[Geomorphology - índex]

David R. Montgomery and Mark T. Brandon (2002): Topographic controls on erosion rates in tectonically active mountain ranges  . - Earth and Planetary Science Letters; Volume 201, Issue 3-4, Pages 481-489.

PEÑA, F. & MARDONES, M. (1999):  Geomorfología del curso inferior del río Itata. VIII Región Biobio.-   Revista Geográfica de Chile Terra Australis 44 31-44   .
Chile sur Biobio geomorfología geomorfología, erosión, cuenca hidrográfica

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PINTER, N. & KELLER, E.A. (1995):  Geomorphological analysis of neotectonic deformation, northern Owens Valley, California.-   Geologische Rundschau vol. 84 200-212 12 Springer-Verlag
EEUU, California geomorfología neotectónica, geomorfología
[Geologische Rundschau / International Journal of Earth Sciences: Listado de volúmenes]

P. E. Potter (1997) The Mesozoic and Cenozoic paleodrainage of South America: a natural history. -Journal of South American Earth Sciences; Volume 10, Issue 5-6 Pages 331-344
[Journal of South American Earth Sciences - índex]

Ulrich Riller , Ivan Petrinovic , Juliane Ramelow , Manfred Strecker and Onno Oncken (2001): Late Cenozoic tectonism, collapse caldera and plateau formation in the central Andes  . - Earth and Planetary Science Letters; Volume 188, Issue 3-4, Pages 299-311
[Earth and Planetary Science Letters: Índex]

VALENTINE, GREG A., WOHLETZ, KENNETH H., KIEFFER, SUSAN W. Effects of topography on facies and compositional zonation in caldera-related ignimbrites Geological Society of America Bulletin 1992 104: 154-165
[GSA Bulletin - índex]

VIDAL ROMANÍ, J. & ROWLAND TWIDALE (1998): Formas y Paisajes Graníticos. - Universidade da Curuña. Sutherland, D. G. (1985): Geomorphological Controls on the Distribution of Placer Deposits. - J. geol. Soc. London, 142, 727-731
[Journal of Geological Society of London - índex]

C. R. Twidale (1997): Some recently developed landforms: climatic implications   . - Geomorphology; Volume 19,  Issues 3-4 Elsevier;Pages 349-365
[Geomorphology - índex]

W. Brian Whalley and Alice V. Turkington (2001): Weathering and Geomorphology  . - Geomorphology; Volume 41,  Issues 1 Elsevier; Pages 1-3
[Geomorphology - índex]

Adrian E. Scheidegger (2001): Surface joint systems, tectonic stresses and geomorphology: a reconciliation of conflicting observations  . - Geomorphology; Volume 38,  Issues 3-4 Elsevier; Pages 213-219
[Geomorphology - índex]

A. P. Schick, T. Grodek and M. G. Wolman (1999): Hydrologic processes and geomorphic constraints on urbanization of alluvial fan slopes   . - Geomorphology; Volume 31,  Issues 1-4 Elsevier; Pages 325-335
[Geomorphology - índex]

Lionel Siame , Olivier Bellier , Régis Braucher , Michel Sébrier , Marc Cushing , Didier Bourlès , Bruno Hamelin , Emmanuel Baroux , Beatrice de Voogd , Grant Raisbeck and Françoise Yiou (2004): Local erosion rates versus active tectonics: cosmic ray exposure modelling in Provence (south-east France)  . - Earth and Planetary Science Letters; Volume 220, Issue 3-4, Pages 345-364
[Earth and Planetary Science Letters: Índex]

Zbigniew Zwoliski (1992): Sedimentology and geomorphology of overbank flows on meandering river floodplains   . - Geomorphology; Volume 4,  Issues 6 Elsevier; Pages 367-379.
[Geomorphology - índex]

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