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Citas en geología y geociencias: Sedimentología general, Sedimentology

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Citas: Sedimentología general, Sedimentology

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Adams, A. E.; MacKenzie, W. S. (1999): A Colour Atlas of Carbonate Sediments and Rocks Under the Microscope. - 180 pages, 330 colour photos,. ISBN 3-510-65193-6.Manson Publ

BACON, D., CAGHILL, T. & TOMBRELLO, T.A. (1996):  Sailing stones on racetrack playa.-   The Journal of Geology vol. 104 121-125 3 .
EEUU, California sedimentología movimiento de rocas, viento
[Journal of Geology - índex]

ERIC J. BARRON (1989): Severe storms during Earth history. -Geological Society of America Bulletin; Volume 101, Number 5, pages 601–612
[GSA Bulletin - índex]

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FAULDS, J. SCHREIBER, CH., REYNOLDS, S. GONZÁLEZ, L. & OKAYA, D. (1997):  Origin and Paleogeography of an Immense, Nonmarine Miocene Salt Deposit in the Basin and Range (Western USA).-   The Journal of Geology vol. 105 19-36 8 University of  Chicago.
EEUU, Arizona sedimentología Sedimentos, químicos, Sales, evaporitas, Salares mioceno, terciario 
[Journal of Geology - índex]

FOLK, R.L. (1974): Petrology of sedimentary rocks. Hemphill Publishing Co., Austin. Texas, 159p

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FÜCHTBAUER, H. (1988): Sedimente und Sedimentgesteine.- 1141p., Schweizerbart'seh Verlagsbuchhandlung Stuttgart. Fuechtbauer, H. (1974): Sediments and Sedimentary Rocks 1. By . With a contribution by H.-U. Schmincke. - 464 pages, 199 figs., 39 tab. ISBN: 3-510-65007-7.

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G - M

GALLOWAY, W.E. & HOBDAY, D.K. ?: Terrigenous Clastic Depositional Systems.  237 Abb. Springer Verlag; New York,Berlin, Tokio. 
general  sedimentología, depósitos minerales, clástica, sector de sedimentación   

GRAHAM,S. A., TOLSON,R.B., DECELLES,P.G., INGERSOLL, R.V., BARGAR,E. et al. (1986): Provenance modelling as a technique for analysing source terrane evolution and controls on foreland sedimentation. Ass. Sediment No.8 p.425-436 7 Abb..
general, USA, Montana  sedimentología, deriva continental, Terrane,Grob clástica

C. G. A. Harrison (2000): What factors control mechanical erosion rates? - International Journal of Earth Sciences; Vol. 88;  No. 4; pp. 752 - 763
[Geologische Rundschau / International Journal of Earth Sciences: Listado de volúmenes]

H. D. Holland (2005): Sedimentary Mineral Deposits and the Evolution of Earth's Near-Surface Environments. - Economic Geology and the Bulletin of the Society of Economic Geologists Volume 100 December 2005 Number 8, pp. 1489-1509
[Economic Geology: Listado de los tomos]

RAYMOND V. INGERSOLL (1988): Tectonics of sedimentary basins. -Geological Society of America Bulletin;   pages 1704–1719, Volume 100, Number 11
 [GSA Bulletin - índex]

KRINSLEY, D., DORN, R. & TOVEY N.K. (1995):  Nanometer-Scale Layering in the Rock Varnish: Implications for genesis and Paleoenvironmental Interpretation.-   The Journal of Geology vol. 103 106-113 3 University of  Chicago.
general, EEUU, Antactica sedimentología sediment, química, clima, barniz del desierto, paleo ambiente, rock varnish
[Journal of Geology - índex]

LAWTON, T.F. (1986): Compositional trends within a clastic wedge adjancent to a fold-thrust  belt: Indianola Group, central Utah, U.S.A.   Spec. Publs. int. Ass. Sediment No.8 p.411-423 8 Abb., 4 Tab. EEUU,  Utah  sedimentología, clástica, Clastos , composición Modal 

McLENNAN, S.M. & TAYLOR, S.R. (1980): Th and U in sedimentary rocks: crustal evolution and sedimentary recycling.- Nature, 285: 621-624 LETT, L. & JUDSON, S. (1995): Fundamentos de la geología física.- 450 páginas, Limusa Noriega ediciones.
[Volúmenes de Nature]

MIALL, A.D. (1977): A Review of the Braided-River Depositional Environment. -  Earth Science Rev. No.13 p.1-62 16 Abb., 6 Tab. Elsevier Sci.Publ.; Ámsterdam.
general,   sedimentología,  clástica, Braided River
[Earth Science Reviews - index]

MIALL, A.D. 0, Principles of Sedimentary Basin Analysis.   Springer Verlag   387 Abb. New York, Berlin, Heidelberg, Tokio.
general  sedimentología, cuenca,  clástica, Sequenz

MIALL, A.D. (ed.) (1978:  Fluvial Sedimentology   Canadian Society of Petroleum Geologists  559p.  Calgary, Alberta, Canada.
general  sedimentología, Fluviatil,  clástica

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[Geology - index]

MULDER, T. & SYVITSKI, P. (1997):  Turbidity Currents Generated at River Mouths during Exceptional Discharges to the World Oceans.-   The Journal of Geology vol. 103 285-299 8 University of  Chicago. 
general Océanos marino, océanos, turbidity currents, corrientes de turbidez
[Journal of Geology - índex]

G. Mueller (1967):  Methods in Sedimentary Petrology. - XII, 283 pages, 91 figs., 33 tab., 2 color plates. ISBN: 3-510-65006-9.

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Dimitri Pavlovitch Krynine (1944): Some engineering aspects of river sand deposits. - Economic Geology; vol. 39-4 307-314
Clasificación temprana de arenas por tamaño, estadística, curvas
[Economic Geology: Listado de los tomos]

PETTIJOHN, F. (1957): Sedimentary rocks.- Harper & Row Publishers.

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POTTER, P.E. (1997):  The Mesozoic and Cenozoic paleodrainage of South America: a natural history.-   Journal of South American Earth Sciences Vol. 10 331-344 8 Pergamon.
América de Sur deriva continental deriva continental, rios, drenaje, Africa-America de Sur
 [Journal of South American Earth Sciences - índex]

PRESS, F. & SIEVER, R. (1986): Earth.- 656 páginas, W.H. Freeman and Company Reading, H. G. (1986): Sedimentary Environments and Facies. - Blackwell Scientific Publications, Oxford.

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[GSA Bulletin - índex]

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SCHNITZER, W.A. (1983):  Zur Problematik der Schwermineralanalyse am Beispiel triassischer Sedimentgesteine.   Geol. Rundschau Bd. 72 p.67-75 5 Abb. Stuttgart.
general  sedimentología, metodología, minerales pesados
[Geologische Rundschau / International Journal of Earth Sciences: Listado de volúmenes]

SCHWAB, F.L. (1986):  Sedimentary 'signatures' of foreland basin assemblages: real or counterfeit?   Spec. Publ. int. Ass. Sediment No.8 p.395-410 8 Abb., 12 Tab.
general  sedimentología, análisis de clastos

Selley, R. C. (1976): An Introduction to Sedimentology. - Academic Press, London.

Shaw, D. M. (1954): Trace Elements in Pelitic Rocks. - Geol. Soc. Amer. Bull., 65, 1151-1182.
[GSA Bulletin - índex]

Lionel Siame , Olivier Bellier , Régis Braucher , Michel Sébrier , Marc Cushing , Didier Bourlès , Bruno Hamelin , Emmanuel Baroux , Beatrice de Voogd , Grant Raisbeck and Françoise Yiou (2004): Local erosion rates versus active tectonics: cosmic ray exposure modelling in Provence (south-east France)  . - Earth and Planetary Science Letters; Volume 220, Issue 3-4, Pages 345-364
[Earth and Planetary Science Letters: Índex]

STEEL, R.J. (1974):  New Red Sandstone Floodplain and Piedmont Sedimentation in the Hebridian Province, Scotland.   Journ. of Sed. Petr. Vol. 44 p.336-357 19 Abb. .
general, Europa, Escocia,  sedimentología, areniscas, Floodplain, Braided River, clástica triásico, pérmico
[Journal of Sedimantary Research / J. of Sedimantary Petrology - index]

STEEL, R.J. & WILSON, A.C. (1975):  Sedimentation and tectonism (?Permo-Triassic) on the margin of the North Minch Basin, Lewis.   Jl. geol. Soc. Lond. Vol. 131 p.183-202 6 Abb.
North Ireland Europa, Schottland, Hebriden, Lewis, general Sedimentología sedimentología, tectónica,  clástica pérmico, triásico
[Journal of Geological Society of London - índex]

SYLVESTER, H. (1989):  Vereinfachte Klassifikation von Silikoklasten fuer schnelle sedimentpetrographische Untersuchungen an Duennschliffen.   Mitt. Geol.-Palaeont.. Inst. Univ. Hamburg Heft 68 p.63-77 3 abb., 2 Taf. Hamburg.
general sedimentología sedimentología, conglomerado,Grob clástica, clasificación

Tucker, M. E. (1981): Sedimentary Petrology. - Blackwell Scientific Publications, Oxford. Walker, R.G., James, N.P. (1992):  Facies models. Response to sea level changes.-   Geological Association of Canada, St. John's.

YOUNG, S.W. (1976):  Petrographic Texture of Detrital Polycrystalline Quartz as aid to Interpreting crystalline source rocks.   Journ. of Sedimentary Petrology Vol.46/3 p.595-603 6 Abb. 
general  sedimentología,  clástica, Detritus, Textur, cuarzo, Liefergebiet
[Journal of Sedimantary Research / J. of Sedimantary Petrology - index]

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