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Jeologia de Domeyko

 Ignacio Domeyko

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Ignacio (Ignacy) Domeyko - the initiator of mineralogy and geology science in Chile

Ignacy or Ignacio Domeyko was born in 1802 in Belarus, Russia. He felt himself closer as a Polish or Lithuanian. He studied at Wilna. 1831 Domeyko emigrated from Poland, with stations in Dresden, Freiberg and Paris arrived in 1838 in Chile. At first he was a teacher at the College of Coquimbo / La Serena. In 1847 he entered the University of Chile, became its Rector in 1867, this function carried out until 1883.
After an extensive trip to Europe, he died in 1889 in Santiago.
Domeyko made a huge amount of excursions to the unknown and unexplored Atacama Desert, described deposits, new geological formations, new minerals.
His international contribution to mineralogy at this time was enormous. It is important to mention that Domeyko's works in Atacama originally date from 1840 to 1870 approximately, his 1909 publication was a compilation of his most important works.
At this time, geological observations in the field were slowly coupled with a great global idea, which allowed us to understand the complexity of nature in a more integral way.


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● Domeyko, I. (1909): Jeología. – Tomo Quinto, edición oficial; Santiago de Chile (Imprenta Cervantes); Colección W. Griem.

● Domeyko, I. (1845): Elementos de la Mineralogía. – 382 Seiten, Imprenta del Colegio 1845

● DOMEYKO, I (1876): Ensaye sobre los Depósitos Metalíferos de Chile. 140 pág. Imprenta Nacional Santiago de Chile.

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